Clothing for Individuals with Mobility and Medical Issues

If you experience difficulty getting in or out of your clothes due to mobility or medical issues we can help. Our caregiver-assisted clothing is built to give you independence and peace of mind.

- Reduce Physical and Mental Stress with Functional Fashion Designed for Minimum physical effort and Maximum dignity.

- Enhance Comfort with Clothing Specially Designed for You.

- Reduce Frustration with Easy to Use Closures and Accessories.

- Promote Independence with Specialized Designs, Custom adaptations and Functional Fabrics

- Increase Self-esteem with attractive clothing by looking and feeling great.

- Solve Unique dressing Problems using our Adaptation Specialists.

Clients We Serve

We adapt clothing for all ages, genders, and all types of mobility challenges. If you do not see your specific need or situation listed below, drop us a quick call, email or message us on Facebook and we'll review your specific medical need.  We can usually customize any mobility issues that you can throw at us.  Here are the types of clients we've helped in the past:

- Limited Mobility Injuries
- General Injuries
- Spinal Cord Injury
- Muscular Dystrophy
- Stroke
- Alzheimer
- Cerebral Palsy
- Parkinson's 
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Prostate

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